The #1 magazine on Functional Approach to Autoimmune Diseases

The desolating state of public healthcare, crushed by the interests of pharmaceutical companies and lobbies, had motivated this editorial project.

  • The #1 magazine that will never accept suggestions and/or contributions from pharmaceutical companies
  • The #1 magazine in which pharmaceuticals are mentioned only to grant the patient a complete remission, not to profit doctors or pharmaceutical companies to hide what can’t be cured
  • The #1 magazine born to develop a natural and conscious approach to pathologies, where pharmaceuticals are used just in case of necessity and not as a main approach to diseases
  • The #1 magazine in open contrast with the pharmaceutical business and that will progressively reduce its importance build up throughout the past century (Big Pharma)

My name is Ethel Cogliani, I am a nutritionist and I specialize in treating autoimmune pathologies with natural methods.

I started applying my protocol over 5 years ago. Day by day I realized the crescent difficulties in terms of communication between patients, therapists, family, doctors and specialists.

I realized a psychological terrorism regarding supplements and nutrition made by doctors, and total ignorance about crucial matters.

I cooperated with other doctors who were adopting the same approach as mine: they confirmed me my idea. A diffuse tendency to recur to generic pharmaceutical prescription, instead of a specific approach to treat problems directly, invades the Sanitary System.

Throughout the years, I found myself dealing with an increasingly worst way of dealing with the patient from the national health system:

  • Increasing misinformation
  • Increasing difficulties in accessing public healthcare services
  • Many doctors increasingly reluctant to prescribe the basic tests for simple health check
  • An increasing number of doctors prescribing temporary remedies instead of working on the solutions
  • A huge number of unfinished procedures, ending without any further controls and with no chance of verifying real resolution of the problem
  • An increasing number of diseases caused by wrong or insufficient drug treatments that evolved unresolved problems to much more serious, chronical and degenerative pathologies

Doctors, biochemists, biologists, sanitary technicians and enlightened patients join forces on a single project with the intent to present a new, effective and vastly underrated approach, which has been proven to be effective. I have a dream… and now it’s slowly coming real.

People will be brought into a new medical reality, which is emerging strongly and fight to the old “official” medicine, that is colliding with its limits… it’s already real.

Scientific evidence of which medicine constantly denies existence (despite having official credits in international scientific journals) are now ready to be brought to the public… they are finally available to everyone.

People are deviated from reality by food and pharmaceutical lobbies, one feed the diseases the other promise to cure them. Uncomfortable scientific evidence will finally be at your disposal to solve all the doubts that have never been answered until now.

Every doubt, every false myth which was created just to keep you chained to a system made of lies will fall. You think being sick is the only possible condition: it’s a lie… like your illness.

After months spent reading all the pseudo-scientific magazines that occurred to me, and spent to observe what they wrote, what they disclosed, what they sponsored (and how much they sponsored) I realized that nothing that could be found on the market could really help people who really wanted recover from diseases: most of these products were advertised as the remedies of the century, in the truth they were only simplistic and banal.

After months in which we worked to give a graphic look that was pleasant to read, but at the same time simple and informal, and suitable to communicate to a public both scientific and not scientifically informed…

After a few months of incessant work to form, define and contact the team of authors who could have enriched the promise of this magazine…

here we are with our revolutionary project.

I put my heart, soul and a lot of time to figure out what could be potentially useful for my patients (and patients worldwide) in the end IMMUNOREICA MAGAZINE was born:

  • Unique in contents: only functional approach towards diseases
  • Simple communication: no technical terms which would prevent you from understanding simple notions
  • Patient Overview: body is unique, and each organ works in harmony with our mind

No official sponsors can select us: we select our sponsors. They must be aligned with our big idea and build up the change we promote.

No compromises! They don’t exist about health. If you make compromises on health you get catastrophic consequences, and I’m sure you realize yourself about that.

What you will find inside the magazine:

  • Theorical articles: their function is to eradicate years of misinformation, monopolized by food industries (which want to enslave you to their rubbish products) and pharmaceutical industries (which want you sick, so you will buy for life their products)
  • International interviews to doctors, experts and Nobel prize winners or candidates, to give you a worldwide view, where a lot of information is widely divulged, despite the contrast opposed by traditional medicine, which would like to suffocate them
  • International reviews: articles written by specialists exclusively for our magazine which open the world research landscape on the functional approach towards pathologies
  • Practical tips on lifestyle, nutrition, supplements, physical activities aimed to support the regular physiology of the human body
  • Analysis: what, how, when and what to see, to understand how to read them, when they are useful, when they don’t make any sense, how to do them and read them to have more information as possible
  • Word to the experts: for every different area of expertise we will contact different specialists, which will offer different perspectives to a path that has always been referred to as “no way out”
  • Health overview in the modern era: everything in your daily life, that you don’t know and can seriously contributes to damaging your health and the health of those you love, leading you to illness or preventing you from getting out of it
  • Psychology of healing: techniques to work on the psychological problems, approach to the disease, physiological and neurological correlations between emotions, stress and pathology
  • Healing case hystories: we live in an increasingly theoretical and ever less practical world where people no longer know who to trust, where everyone says everything and the opposite of everything, but little of what is said finds real confirmation, because the real life is made of difficulties and an environment that has nothing to do with clinical studies
  • Bibliographical references: since we don’t deal in science fiction, we deal in science, every article will come with references to articles and books you can consult if you wish to increase your knowledge on a specific topic you found interesting

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How much do you spend daily on medicines that don’t work, to pay specialists who refer you to other specialists who refer you to other specialists, analysis, without reaching any results?

How many years have you been subjected to this endless drain of money without being able to see the end?

How much are you spending just to get fooled by people who are interested in everything but not in solving your problems related to your disease?

It took me 5 years just to get to the first useful bit of information that could help me solve my son’s problem in less than 2 weeks. 5 years instead 2 weeks… it’s too much!

But maybe you’re even less luck than me, and you’ve been looking for information for even more time than I have… or maybe you are luckier, and you have just begun your research and you already find the information that will allow you to get out as quickly as possible from the tunnel.

In each case, whether you are at the beginning or you’re in the middle of your path, you’ll never see the end if you do not have the right direction to take you to the exit.

It is our habit to consider acceptable a degrading condition for us and for our life, that will keep us tied this condition forever.

Just because they told us there is no way out, it doesn’t mean it’s the truth, but it often becomes the truth because we do as what they tell us without knowing what we would really expect.

This magazine provides you all the reasons, all the tips and all the studies that will confirm how this is no longer acceptable and that we can fight it.

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