Editorial Staff

Ethel Cogliani

Chief Editor and Responsible Director

Nutritional biologist specialized in the treatment of autoimmune diseases without drugs.

Author of the books Behind the Disease and Thyroid X-Files.

Scientific coordinator SIMNE (Italian Society of Evolutionary Medicine and Nutrition).

His reference website is Immunoreica.com.

  • Proton pump inhibitors will kill you or make your life a living hell – HYPOCHLORHYDRIA: Why anti-reflux therapies cause more damage than benefits (March 2018)
  • The delicate balance of calcium – The connections you don’t expect (June 2018)
  • Thyroid function – The body’s signals that something is wrong (September 2018)
  • You are starving your personal army – Understanding “what causes what” is not enough, how to address it is the key (December 2018)

Alessio Angeleri


37-year-old graduate in engineering, health coach and functional fitness trainer.

Always passionate about nutrition and physical activity. Collaborator of the blog EvolutaMente.it, deals in a holistic and functional of every aspect related to health and athletic performance.

Co-author of the book “Living According to Nature” (Vivere secondo Natura in Italian).

  • Diabetes cannot be treated with drugs – INSULIN-DEPENDENT GLUCOSE REGULATION: what only physical exercise can do (March 2018)
  • Exercise as a tool for bone modelling – Osteoporosis prevention starts from physical exercise (June 2018)
  • Ketogenic diet: natural biohacking (December 2018)

Angelo Rossiello

51-years-old engineer, owner and chief editor of EvolutaMente.it. He is also a former cyclist and triathlete agonist with some appreciable results.

Since 2001 he has experimented on himself the diet according to nature, otherwise called Paleo, combined with the sport of endurance and supported the experiences of tens of other athletes sharing his same passion.

Co-organizer of the PaleoMeeting, the most important event of the Italian Evolutionary Medicine Community.

Past-president, co-founder and now secretary of SIMNE (Italian Society of Evolutionary Medicine and Nutrition).

Esperto di mitocondri e loro potenziamento attraverso la manipolazione della luce, terapia del freddo e earthing.

Co-author of the book “Living According to Nature” (Vivere secondo Natura in Italian). Author of the book “Insomnia: the evil of the century” (Insonnia: il male del secolo in Italian).

  • Sworn enemies: artificial light and health – When a Nobel prize arrives one century too late (March 2018)
  • The jobs that kill you… slowly – Shifts and jet-lag: getting sick at work (June 2018)
  • What if technology was responsible for leaky gut? – Electromagnetic waves as triggers of chronic diseases (September 2018)
  • Modern society as the greatest evolutionary mismatch – Family is the last stronghold against a zoo life (December 2018)

Alessandro Pini

Translator (English to Italian)

Born in Livorno in 1987.

His curiosity toward the world around him led him to choose scientific studies. Passionate about sports and always fascinated by the complexity of the human body, he undertook the faculty of physiotherapy at the University of Pisa, where he graduated in 2009.

However, subsequent studies related to posturology put it in front of the concepts of globality and holistic approach.

This newly found interest got him involved in other matters such as psychology and nutrition. throughout the cooperation with other professionals in these areas, he always aims to achieve the best results for each patient.

Currently, he is working on the rehabilitation of incorrect deglutition and the postural disorders.

Vera Giovanna Bani

Translator (Russian to Italian)

Born in Treviso in 1964, she graduated in Russian language and literature at the Cà Foscari University of Venice in 1991 and in 1992 moved to Moscow (Russian Federation) where she still lives.

Actually, she teaches Italian at the National Academy of Economics and Social Sciences R.A.N.E.P.A. in Moscow and she spent her free time deals with cultural projects aimed at to divulge the works of contemporary Russian thinkers in Italy.

She is the representative in Italy of Vadim Zeland, author of some books about Transurfing of which she has edited the Italian translations for the mathematician A. Formenko, author of the theory “New Chronology” and Dr. Filonov about Dry Fasting.

Website: siberika.it.

Laura Galli


Her approach to this profession comes from her passion for graphic arts and communication: she is an expert in visual communication. Her over 25-years-experience allows her to organize her work punctually and with precision and creativity, oorganizing all the stages of the project up to the finished product.

Images are created throughout brainstorming and research to connect it to the main project. This working method allows her to obtain “quality and objectives” in image positioning, depending on the product and market standards.

She creates all coordinated image companies or projects, from logo to merchandising.

Focus On

Al Danenberg

Dr. Dan, as his patients call him, has been a periodontist for over four decades.

He divides his career into two periods: before and after the laser coupled with the dynamics of ancestral nutrition. The laser-based LANAP® protocol and the importance of ancestral nutrition, he believes, are revolutionizing the treatment of gum disease: “LANAP is reengineering how I treat periodontal disease. There is no cutting with a scalpel blade and no stitches. And the realization that evolutionary nutrition is the basis for total body health is mind boggling.”.

His G.U.M. Protocol, based on evolutionary nutrition, assists patients in eliminating unhealthy lifestyle routines and poor food choices by replacing them with healthy ones. The body needs nutrient-dense foods and healthy gut bacteria to create amazing results. Poor nutrition and unhealthy gut bacteria lead to various medical and dental diseases and imbalances.

Dr. Danenberg acknowledges that traditional gum surgery could achieve results that were “okay, but never terrific. After 35 years, I now am getting much better results with much less discomfort for my patients”.

LANAP takes far less time, with little or no pain, and the patient can often return to work the next day. “And by incorporating the principles of evolutionary nutrition, I am helping patients heal and strengthen their entire bodies”.

Dr. Dan’s passion for periodontics in general—and for the LANAP protocol combined with his emphasis on evolutionary nutrition in particular—is palpable. He gives seminars regarding the cutting-edge concepts of nutrition and laser treatment to the general public and is happy to spread the word among his fellow professionals.

He has been a member of many dental and periodontal organizations, including the American Academy of Periodontology and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Currently he enjoys Life Membership in the American Dental Association.

Dr. Alvin Danenberg received his dental degree from the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in 1972, and his Specialty Certificate in Periodontics from the University of Maryland, School of Graduate Dentistry in 1974. The following two years he was Chief of Periodontics at Charleston Air Force Base, and later had periodontal practices in Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina.

Along with his active practice, he wrote and published from January 1990 through December 2001 “The Personal Report” newsletter, which was mailed quarterly to every periodontist in the United States. He joined Beaufort Family Dentistry in South Carolina in 2009 and now sees patients at Bluffton Center for Dentistry. Dr. Danenberg received advanced training in evolutionary nutrition from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health as well as The Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

He received his CFMP (Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner) designation from Functional Medicine University in June 2014, and the Primal Health Coach Certification in September 2014. In 2015, he was appointed to the faculty of the College of Integrative Medicine and created its integrative periodontal teaching module.

Then, in April 2017, he earned the designation of “ADAPT Trained Health Professional from Kresser Institute, the only functional medicine and evolutionary health training company”. He also provides a unique opportunity for anyone to discuss their nutrition and periodontal questions with him live online at DrDanenberg.com. His new book is “Crazy-Good LIVING!”.

He and his wife Sue have been married since 1969 and have two children and three grandchildren.

Csaba Toth

He studied aerospace medicine at the academy of military medicine in Saint Petersburg, this allowed him to attend a lot of lectures on physiology and space biology. Later he completed the medical studies in Hungary. During this period, he worked as an assistant in biochemical, viral serology and genetic labs, as well as working on ambulances. So, he Started his medical career, then moved to the intensive care unit for 5 years.

After that, he was hired by a pharmaceutical company to work as a medical consultant, marketing and sales manager. This last experienced allowed him to learn how the pharmaceutical industry operates, how the firms can control medical practice and post graduates’ apprenticeship.

After others 5 years, he switched back to the medical profession, working as an internist. He started his private practice based on food interventions in 2010.

The PaleoMedicina Hungary, rehabilitation center, of which he is chief medical director, was founded in 2013. At first, treatments were based only on the most popular paleo principles. Later on, dr. Zsofia Clemens joined the team and started using the paleo-ketogenic diet, which has become their exclusive approach.

Since 2013 he has been involved in research on the relationship between biological membranes and chronic diseases. The application of the PEG400 test to measure intestinal permeability was introduced in their laboratory.

Until now, this is the only clinically measurable marker of membrane function and is used in their therapeutic interventions and, in their study project, there is an investigation of the correlation between the intestinal permeability and that of the other membranes of the body in oncological and autoimmune disorders.

  • The future of science is… in the past – The past seeks testimonials to be present again (June 2018)
  • The eternal struggle between sugars and meat in the development and treatment of cancer – part 2 – The answers you don’t expect (September 2018)
  • Open letter to Loren Cordain – Dear Professor Cordain (December 2018)

Eirik Garnas

A lifetime passion for nutrition and sports were the key factors for developing a deep interest for all the theorical aspects behind nutrition and fitness.

His work focuses on optimizing training with the intent of building a strong physical structure to improve the general personal health, which he noticed deteriorate significantly during the last phase of adolescence.

After high school, he wanted to become a personal trainer, so he joined the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Back then however, for quite some time he was still obsessed with his original idea of becoming a trainer, investing most of his time and efforts in planning training sessions, studying physiology… ext.

Throughout the years He gradually built various implementation strategies. He has a degree in public nutrition and a phD in clinical nutrition.

He still working as a coach, personal trainer and nutrition consultant but his main occupation nowadays consists in writing scientific articles for Paleo magazine, the first and only magazine entirely dedicated to Evolutionary Medicine and Nutrition Movement in the USA.

He is also an author for Pete Evan’s website and owner of his own website, Darwinian-Medicine.com.

  • What we do gets us sick – Four inherited things that we carry within ourselves and affect our health (March 2018)

Laszlo Boros

Dr. Boros is currently Professor of Pediatrics at UCLA and Co-Director of the Stable Isotope Research Laboratory at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute (LABIOMED) at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center with a primary focus on the study of cell metabolism using a specially designed 13C glucose tracer and mass spectroscopy.

Born and educated in Hungary, Dr. Boros’ medical background includes three years of gastroenterology and pancreatology, focusing on chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. He spent two years as a visiting scholar in Essen, Germany, studying various animal models of chronic pancreatitis. In 1990 he moved to Columbus, Ohio, where he joined Drs’ history lab. Zollinger and Ellison, who described the hormonal regulatory mechanisms involved in pancreatic cancer growth with a primary emphasis on diagnostics and treatment.

In 1995 he became the principal investigator for clinically applying stable isotope technologies to investigate the growth of diabetes and cancer in vitro and in animal models at UCLA. He is an expert in the use of metabolic profiling and mitochondrial nanomechanics to further understand particularly aggressive tumors.

Dr. Boros also participates in research projects aimed at the metabolic disorders of the population, such as diabetes and obesity, and is involved in the discovery of the basic mechanisms of rare metabolic disorders deriving from genetic mutations affecting the transport of vitamins. Dr. Boros is an internationally recognized expert on the biochemistry of metabolic water and kinetic isotopic effects mediated by deuterium in health and disease.

Dr. Boros is the recipient of the C. Williams Hall Outstanding Publishing Award from the United States Academy of Surgical Research (1997), the Richard E. Weitzman Memorial Research Award from the University of California (2001), Clinical research Recognition by the General Clinical Research Center at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center (2004), the Public Health Impact Investigator Award of the United States Food and Drug Administration (2011) and received the Best Publication award by the Metabolomics Society and Springer Nature publisher (2014).

  • Neutrons that make the difference – The relevance of chemistry in our metabolism (December 2018)

Miki Ben-Dor

Israeli researcher with an evolutionary nutrition expert and doctoral candidate at the archeology department of University of Tel Aviv, he is looking for the connection between human evolution and nutrition.

Since then he has been studying relations between human evolution and nutrition. Throughout the years he published some significant articles concerning the nutrition of Homo Sapiens and Neanderthalensis.

He graduated in economy from the Hebrew University and a master’s degree from the European School of Business Administration in Fontainebleau, France. He held important positions in various companies, both in Israel and abroad and is currently research on the relationship between nutrition and evolution at the Department of Archeology at the University of Tel Aviv.

At the age of 52 he decided to retire from work, since then he has been attending courses of prehistoric archeology, creative writing, literature, philosophy and studies on East asia.

Some years ago, he wrote “The Book of Life for Workers” (in Hebrew) that focuses his ideas and life experiences on a model as close as possible to our genetic-evolutionary background as a way to achieve health, happiness and deep satisfaction.

Blog: PaleoStyle.com.

  • The search for the perfect diet – As instinct has deserted us, we need to dig into history to find the truth (September 2018)

Paul Jaminet

Former astrophysicist turned software entrepreneur.

He started having health problems around the age of 30, partly because of the consequences of a long cycle of antibiotics accompanied by poor diet (mainly bread, cheese and Coca-Cola). Developing health problems in my 30s, partly due consequences of a long course of antibiotics accompanied by a bad diet (mainly bread, cheese, and Coca-Cola). These health problems got worse every year and threatened to become disabling.

He discovered the Paleo diet in 2005 and this fixed some problems but caused some new ones, mainly (as I realized over the next year) because it introduced some nutrient deficiencies. Together with his wife Shou-Ching, they spent the next 5 years studying how to optimize nutrition in a natural diet with whole foods. Which led to the development of the Perfect Health Diet.

By now this sector has become a job for him. With his wife they engage in independent research. Paul and Shou-Ching believe that the evolutionary food approach is the healthiest of all popular diets. They are trying to demonstrate its value to the world in a striking way. Some projects supported by them:

  • propose the Perfect Health Retrats, 1-2 weeks dedicated to health, in a luxury beach resort in North Carolina
  • offer participants free health-courses before and after the holidays, asking only for feedback on their health results in return

They want to show that an ancestral diet and lifestyle can cure most diseases and improve general health, easy weight-loss and improved mood and energy.

Author of the blog PerfectHealthDiet.com.

  • Iodine and thyroiditis: the pros and cons of a controversial treatment – A matter of balance, selenium may be the key (March 2018)
  • Iodine and thyroitidis: the pros and the cons of a controversial treatment – part 2 – A matter of balance, selenium may be the key (June 2018)

Sergej Filonov

Born in the Altaj region in a family of doctors. Mother and elder sister are pediatre. A family friend with cancer transform his studies into a mission. He began to deepen alternative medicine and graduated with the intent of never prescribing drugs.

He specialized immediately in fasting therapy followed directly by Professor Ju. St. Nikolaev with whom he built a fasting therapy unit at the Gorjačinsk sanatorium, in the Republic of Burjatija, on the shores of the sacred Lake Baikal.

Later he joined the St. Petersburg fasting unit, led by Professor Aleksej Nikolaevič Kokosov. He has been in therapeutic fasting for over 20 years and has assisted hundreds of patients.

  • The answer is inside of you – The endless resources of our body (December 2018)

Trevor Connor

Trevor Connor is Dr. Loren Cordain’s graduate student at Colorado State University. His research with Dr. Cordain has focused on the effects of a Paleo style diet on autoimmune conditions.

Their pilot study included close to 60 volunteers with diverse conditions ranging from Crohn’s Disease, to Multiple Sclerosis to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. So far the results have been very promising, including all eight Crohn’s subjects going into remission on the Paleo Diet.

Trevor started working with Dr. Cordain in 2010, soon after retiring as a Professional Cyclist. At 38, he felt it was time to hang up the bike. Trevor had studied traditional sports nutrition for over a decade and was admittedly very reluctant to accept the Paleo Diet. But after experimenting with the diet himself, Trevor was able to return to the Pro Peloton at 40, getting Top Five’s in several races and establishing himself as the top ranked 40+ rider in the country for several years running.

Trevor now writes the Coaching Section of the international cycling magazine Velo and manages the semi-Professional cycling team Team Rio Grande who’s alumni include Teejay Van Gaarderen, a top five finisher at the Tour de France and multiple national champions.

Trevor is currently working on the funding to continue their research on the Paleo Diet and autoimmune disease focusing in particular on Crohn’s Disease. Also, thanks to the paleo diet, his wife managed to fulfill her lifetime dream of taking part in the Olympics (Rio 2016), managing to finish in the top 10 in the pole vault specialty despite her age of over 35.

His website is ThePaleoDiet.com, where he published his biography.

  • How wheat is killing you… very softly – We do not realize what is means to be healthy until we go wheat-free: the evidence from studies is there, but everybody denies it (June 2018)
  • How wheat is killing you… very softly – part 2 – We do not realize what is means to be healthy until we go wheat-free: the evidence from studies is there, but everybody denies it (September 2018)

Zsòfia Clemens

Neurobiologist and clinical researcher specializing in nutrition, nutritional therapy and brain research.

Before joining Tòth he collaborated with the National Institute of Clinical Neuroscience in Budapest and with the Neurological Department of the University of Pecs, in Hungary where he was involved in research on epilepsy, sleep, electroencephalography, vitamin D etc.

She is currently head of the research group Paleomedicina Hungary, which uses exclusively the ketogenic approach since 2013, which appears much more efficient than any other approach used previously. In many cases, patients are not only treated but, in all respects, “treated” if they are able to adhere in a faithful way to the proposed protocol.

  • Open letter to Loren Cordain – Dear Professor Cordain (December 2018)

Diagnostics & Clinics

Adriano Fanciulli

For over 40 years he has deepened his studies in the field of functional and sports medicine, qualifying himself as a technician at FPI – CNSL – AICS – UIPASC – ASC – ASI – ATS – US ACLI and recognized Federal Sports Technician CONI.

Since 1985 He plays the role of Consultant l.p. in Biological Medicine and Naturopathy, Applied Nutrition and Functional Micro-Nutrition and Bioenergetics, in Integrated Posturo-Kinesiology.

Since 1998 he has been the Coordinator of PRAGMAN Project for the management and operational implementation of the Nutritional Tissue Mineralographic Analysis programs and of Integrated Functional Biomedicine for evaluation and therapy of the metabolic and oxidative functional stress at a bio-clinical and sporting level.

Between 1986 and 1990 he obtains 2 degrees in the United States “Master of Science Degree” at Donsbach University of California and “Doctoral Degree” in Biological Medicine at Southern International University.

Over the years he has obtained several professional certificates in Naturopathy, Medical Biotherapies, Phytotherapy, Dietotherapy, Shiatsu massage, Oriental medicine, on the mineralographic analysis of the hair, kinesiology.

  • THE HAIR: a source of hormonal and metabolic data – Mineral ratios for an early identification of problems (March 2018)

Andrea Luchi

Specialist in internal medicine. Nutritional and metabolic manager of the Medically Assisted Procreation and Pregnancy of the USL South-east Toscany.

It has an evolutionary approach (nutritional, metabolic, endocrinological) to the treatment of modern chronic/degenerative/autoimmune diseases.

Use bioidentical hormones in menopausal replacement therapy and hormonal dysfunction in general. Creator of the largest Italian Facebook group on thyroid diseases: Thyroid Evolutionary Approach.

Giuseppe Cardillo

Born in Naples in 1975, he obtained a degree in Chemistry with a biological address at the University of Naples “Federico II”.

Later, he obtained a Ph.D. in Biotechnological Sciences at the same University.

Currently a technical consultant at the Court of Naples and the Court of Nocera Inferiore (SA), a member of the Italian Society of Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology (SIBio.C) and of the Italian Forensic Geneticists (Ge.Fi.) and works at the Merigen molecular biology laboratory in Naples.

  • THYROID: blessing and curse (March 2018)
  • Insulin, blood sugar and their relationship – Identifying a blood sugar problem is not as easy as it may seem (June 2018)
  • ADRENAL GLAND: significance and clinical evaluation – The hormone response to stress (September 2018)

Lorenza De Paoli

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery, University of Bologna. Specialized in Gynecology and Obstetrics at S.Orsola Bologna, director Prof. C. Orlandi.

She has worked at the Reproductive Pathophysiology Department – Gynecological Endocrinology of S. Orsola Bologna, Director Prof C. Flamigni.

Expert in functional and regulatory medicine. SIMF three-year school. Expert in Neural Therapy. Advanced SIMF course.

Professor of Gynecological Neuraltherapy at the SIMF Neural Therapy school. Expert in Systemic Medicine.

She practices his profession in Mezzano (Ravenna- IT).

  • Menopause is not a disease – Prevention starts from puberty (December 2018)

Luciano Blasetti

Born in Massa d’Albe (AQ – IT), he obtained a dental technician diploma from the E. De Amicis Institute in Rome.

He graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the La Sapienza University of Rome. He holds the 3-year Diploma in Homeopathy.

Expert in: Functional Medicine and Regulation (three-year SIMF); Systemic Medicine (AIMES biennial), Homeopathy, Medical Biotherapies (AIMES triennial).

He works as an odontologist and functional doctor at his studio in Avezzano (AQ – IT).

  • Wisdom teeth and systemic problems – How all parts of the body contribute to the general balance (June 2018)

Tommaso Lupattelli

He is an Interventional radiologist who developed his expertise in endovascular revascularization in diabetic patients and with severe steno-obstructive arteriopathy of the arterial axis.

He also performs endovascular revascularizations for steno-obstructions of the carotid artery, the kidneys, the splanchnic circle, subclavian and other peripheral blood vessels.

He also possesses a qualified experience in the angioplasty of the venous axis, in particular of the jugular-succlavian axis, of the caval-azygos system of iliac vessels and fistulae and dialysis accesses.
His team performed more than 2,400 angioplasties in patients with CCSVI matured from 2001 to date. He has held numerous courses in angioplasty as a professor and proctor on revascularization in Europe and abroad, Mexico and Lebanon.

He cooperates to design and construction of some angioplasty materials still used in Europe, Asia and Central America. He is a consultant for some international companies of angioplasty material and arterial closure systems.

He is among the first operators in Italy in the execution of the embolization technique of vascular malformations and uterine fibroids of male and female varicocele.

He is the author of several scientific publications on peer rewied journals where he has also reported the execution of new techniques and materials, which have become commonplace, particularly ONYX in renal artery aneurysm or histoacryl in the aneurysm of hepatic artery.

The first Italian treaty of interventional radiology in two volumes by Tommaso and Luciano Lupattelli is under construction.

  • A second chance to make the right choice – A mini-invasive treatment of uterine fibroids and fibromatosis (September 2018)

Sports & Lifestyle

Chiara De Luca

She is passionate about cooking. PaleoMeeting MasterChef.

You can read his recipes on her website CuocaItinerante.it and her Facebook fan page.

Emanuele Gambacciani

Biologic nutritionist, anthropology and human evolution expert.

Chairman of SIMNE (Italian Society of Evolutionary Medicine and Nutrition).

Author of the book “From sunrise to sunset” (Dall’Alba al Tramonto in Italian). Sustainer of km-0-culture and the return to a according-to-nature-food and to the restoration of man-nature equilibria.

  • Meat or no meat… that is the question! – Scientific answers to a hamletic dilemma (March 2018)
  • Our society makes us inhuman – The ideal organization of a human community (June 2018)
  • Like a goldfish – We die before we realize we are eating too much (September 2018)
  • The selection game as a win-lose situation – The pros and cons of an achievement must be weighed according to the context you live in (December 2018)

Fioranna Salvadori

She works at the Historical Archives of the University of Florence, passionate about cooking according to the principles of the paleo diet.

She approached this way of life after the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and through online research to look for a type of nutritional approach to autoimmune diseases, and has come to various Facebook groups that adhere to this type of diet.

From January 2018 he created a Facebook group “Smile to food – Thousand and 1 way to love each other in the kitchen” as a place for collecting recipes created since 2015 using alternative ingredients to cereals, dairy products and legumes, but still trying to satisfy I also taste health.

Maria Stella Rossi

Born in Fano (IT), she is an artist both by nature and by academic formation.

She developed this talent of hers by studying in Italy, France and New York, she also received scholarships for researches in the vegetal color field.

In 2010 she created ValdericArte Creative Residence located in Valderica, Marche, IT.

In 2013 she started studying herbs and foraging.

In 2014 she founded PaleoItalia Association.

Her work focuses on research, study and experimenting of self-production techniques.

She manages a bed and breakfast where she offers the chance to try new experiences in the fields of and nature, also offering various types of workshops.

Stefano Andrade

Personal trainer and Master of Martial Arts specialized in the use of movement and breathing for the enhancement of athletic performance and anxiety management.


Flavio Leonori

59-years-old health & nutritional coach, graduated with honors in Motor Sciences.

Evolutionary Nutrition Expert and Motivational Coaching. Personal Trainer and Federal Technician FIGC and FIDAL.

Co-founder of SIMNE SIMNE (Società Italiana di Medicina e Nutrizione Evoluzionistica) and co-organizer of PaleoMeeting.

He works as a Sports and Nutrition Consultant in Rome, Ancona and Bari.

His website is FlavioLeonori.it.

  • The illusion of choice – When habits can build prisons (March 2018)

Jessica Merenda

Psychologist, graduated with honors at the University of Parma and enrolled in the Emilia Romagna register.

Graduated in preventive and adaptive physical education at the University of Pavia. Second level swimming instructor.

He has attended courses of psychophysiology and neuropsychology. His experiences in high-level business and sports have allowed her to learn about and deepen the biofeedback for managing stress and increasing performance.

One-year experience in the neurology department of the Parma Hospital for research on migraines and headaches by biofeedback.

Winner of the Gianfranco Bellè Award with the master thesis entitled “Mens sana in corpore sano”, study on the relationship between physical exercise, maintenance of cognitive functions and perception of the state of psychophysical health in a sample of elderly subjects.

  • Mind and body: the neurological explanation for our diseases – The way we respond to daily stresses makes the difference between health and disease (March 2018)
  • Early birds don’t always catch the worm (June 2018)
  • Headache – Between psyche and soma (September 2018)

Luca Cento

Graduated in Psychology. Cognitive behavioral psychotherapist.

He works as a therapist, with children and adults.

For three years he has been applying EMDR methodologies, devoting himself to the processing of trauma in children and adults.

For seven years she has been using Neurofeedback for the treatment of children with ADHD and biofeedback with children and adults with problems of anxiety, headache, chronic pain and breathing problems, through the measurement of parameters related to skin conductance, abdominal breathing, electromyography and heart rate.

  • NEUROCEPTION as the instinct of danger – How the brain processes environmental elements (December 2018)

Paolo De Donno

Enrolled in medicine in 1981 he left the faculty at the 4th year, despite the good results. Restlessness is the motivation.

After abandoning his studies for several years, he became hypnotist and resumed his studies graduating in Experimental Psychology.

Master in Clinical Hypnosis at the CIICS of Turin. Specialization in Functional Body Psychotherapy.

Hospital studies in Florence where, for the first time in Italy, the increase in power of Cardiac Variability after hypnotic sessions was demonstrated.

Research at S. Raffaele in Milan for markers of the hypnotic state through the study of slow eye movements and occipital cortex.

  • Feeding the brain – Confusion fuels mental disease (December 2018)

Valentina Mastrodicasa

She has a degree in clinical psychology with detailed studies regarding statistics and methodology.

Specialized in psychological assessment at Sapienza University of Rome and in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, she works as a therapist, a research and a corporate consultant.

She has been practicing EMDR for two years now, focusing her studies on the assessment and cure of the trauma.

  • Our disease: a castle we build day by day (June 2018)
  • Trauma: from emotion to reason – EMDR: let’s leave the past in the past (September 2018)