Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Epiphany, name-days…

Every opportunity is good to fill our home, our friends’ and our loved ones’ house with useless things that sooner or later we forget the reason why they were bought. We spend money on the most disparate things, without any real sense in daily utility and that will soon become the bottom of the dustbin.

A magazine that contains scientific evidence verified over time is something which can accompany generations and guide to scientific information absolutely innovative even in 20 years, which you can re-create year after year and always get new information to manage life situations that, in the absence of certain information, you should have spent in specialists without getting to a real solution.

A gift that will be renewed every three months with new information, constantly reminding the person to whom you gifted the thought you dedicated.

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The advantages are:

  • The person you’re giving the gift to can use this coupon once and only for 1 year of Immunoreica Magazine
  • He/she has 90 days to use the coupon
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It’s certainly the gift you were looking for.

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The procedure is very simple. Make sure you know exactly the email address of the person you want to give the coupon to:

  1. Proceed with the purchase. Another tab of your browser will open, so that you can keep following this procedure.
  2. During checkout, in the page where you fill your data, at the bottom, you’ll see this:
  3. Choose an option. If you choose “Gift the coupon to someone else” enter the email address of the person you want to give the coupon to, and if you want enter a message too (something you want to say to this person: greetings, best wishes, why you do it…)
  4. If you forget the last two steps, don’t worry: you can review everything under “Review and payment