I have to admit I had good expectations from Immunoreica Magazine, but actually it exceeded them! Essential and innovative topics for our daily life which you don’t find in mainstream magazines. Not to mention the quality of the arguments and the scientific supports reported. Certainly not the same as the frivolous “door-to-door” discussions.

The peer-reviewed articles (the only ones that should be reported as references when we talk about science) are an excellent in-depth tool, as well as necessary to support theses and arguments of the magazine. Considering the high quality of the articles, the language is understandable to many people.

Finally I really appreciated the layout and the quality of the figures, really intriguing! A magazine to absolutely buy from any of them who cares for their health and wants to improve the quality of their own life.

Lorenzo Cremonese

Recently I finished reading the dr. Cogliani’s two books “Behind the Disease” and “Thyroid X-Files”. After years and years of reading nutrition books, for the first time in my life, doors on worlds unknown to me opened to me (for ex. adrenal and thyroid hormones, or the mechanisms of chronic inflammation).

Dr. Cogliani’s books and studies aren’t yet another useless recipe for re-equilibrium between fats / proteins / carbohydrates, but a deep look on the “human being” in his commplexity. I thank dr. Cogliani for her worthy work.

Luca Chiarabini

Good morning everyone! I’m Alessandro Bevilacqua, an odontologist. I had the privilege of meeting a good person like Dr. Ethel Cogliani as it often happens in life, researching and feeling a deep dissatisfaction inside me because of the insufficiency of my relationship with my patients. I felt like I missed something, a global, functional approach that looked at the person in his entirety, because health is psychic, physical, social, environmental and relational.

About Immunoreica Magazine, what I immediately perceived by reading it from the first issue was the feeling of having found everything I was looking for. Since I read of the interview with dentist Al Danemberg, the revelation for me was the connection between microbiome and nutrition, and all that this involved in clinical practice. Not less revolutionary and interesting has been to find out how the infectious problems of wisdom teeth are connected with the regulation of menstrual cycles.

I thank Dr. Cogliani in a profound and authentic way for having “woken up” me and for starting a revolution which, like all revolutions, needs the help of all of us, first of all of us as health professionals. This will be essential to follow our patients towards true awareness, the themselves one, which is the basis of true freedom!

Thanks again heartily

Alessandro Bevilacqua

Finally I finished reading the first 2 issues of the magazine. It took me some time because I had to study them carefully, tasting them as you usually do with a delicious food, and I’m really satisfied because I learned lots of information and good tips to improve my life habits and the connection with my body, which unfortunately has always been hard because of my health problems (fibromyalgia, adrenal exhaustion, chronic tiredness, intestinal permeability with various intolerances, gastroesophageal reflux and uncontrolled eating disorder).

I thank Dr. Ethel Cogliani and each Immunoreica collaborator because they have created a very good initiative. Until now, we had to spend hours and hours to access the discussed topics surfing everywhere the web, with the risk of coming across false and not supported by valid scientific studies news. I feel more secure and oriented in choosing the right diet and integration as well as possible supportive therapies, as the approach to health has to be holistic, I mean to involve body and mind, something that “modern” medicine doesn’t do, and we have the results everyday under our eyes.

It was very important for me to know Ethel, that allowed me to learn how to understand the reactions of my body to the various foods, avoiding those that gave me disturbance and especially considering the uniqueness of each patient as a person. Although I found some difficulties in the initial steps of the protocol, and still had to introduce part of the supplements because my digestion is rather compromised by years of wrong medical treatment and unnecessary drugs that partly caused my current disorders, I consider her a reference for anyone who wants to take an healing path from any pathology, autoimmune or not, with the ability to remove or at least reduce the use of common drugs.

We’ve not to be discouraged if the results are just not immediate, but everyday we make more or less great progress depending on the starting condition, and especially we learn to love ourselves, which is the most important thing to complete any goal we decide to achieve. I’m a bit technologically clumsy and I don’t know how to vote for this post of mine that should be a review… But definitely the highest (5 stars)!!!

I recommend everyone to subscribe to this magazine also because it’s written in a very fluent style, understandable even by those who have little knowledge of medical terminology, and allows access to information that pharmaceutical multinationals try to hide because they’re interested in wanting us sick just enough to earn a little. I try to make it known in my city, to parents, friends and acquaintances, and certainly I look forward to the next issue with great curiosity and interest.

Rossella Raina

Thanks a lot Ethel for the last issue of Immunoreica!

Especially in Paola[his wife]’s opinion your leading articles are “almost touching” as far as they come straight to the heart!

Now let’s go down on reading

Ludovico Valoroso

Ethel it’s not only a shake-up … I couldn’t believe I’m within Immunoreica’s world. I read it all from cover to cover and I’m more convinced of being on the right way. Thanks Ethel also for your editorials that I find very pleasant to read, and that encourage and support a not always easy way.

Mariangela Masala

When first it seemed to me some articles were difficult to understand for the beginners, I read it all again instead (for example the one that talks about LDN) and I understood much better, found interesting and to deepen the ideas that gives, and I like to see each topic contains author’s studies and professional paths and his photos.

That gives to me a great sense of trust, and if you need to investigate you know who you ask and where to search for him. Arguments are result of recent research, often a world opens up to you.. The layout of the articles very pleasant with right spaces between every thought that allow a proper break of assimilation and reflection. Nice pictures…

Eleonora Del Mare

The magazine not created yet. Very well done graphically and taken care of in the contents. I found very interesting the Chinese study about the use of high-dose selenium in the case of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and the article about Naltrexone. It offers a new perspective compared to all the effort it takes to get better. I look forward to the next issue.

Bernardo De Rosa

Congratulations to all the professionals who gave life to all this, the wonderful thing that I noticed is the perfect harmony … as if it were a unique article.

Jessica Merenda

A super magazine Ethel!

Amazing articles, congratulations for the impressive work!

Andrea Basolu

Really an interesting magazine, an absolutely different and innovative approach as scientific magazine…

Silvio Bimbi

Finally an alternative magazine!

I have carefully read your articles and I must say I’m happy to have taken out the subscription. I wanted to congratulate you.

I found your magazine very interesting and I was stuck by your article “Proton pump inhibitors”.

Jenni Asnicar